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2 year customer and I wont be going back. Completely mismanaged store. Doesn't open on time and wait times are way too long. There is a cheaper option about 50 feet away....

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Ok, so ive been to this sports clips before and it is usually ok. Today i walked in, signed in through their tablet and took a seat. There were 3 stylists although 2 were actively cutting hair. I only had to wait about 10 min but i thought it was odd that both of the active stylists finished their cuts and cleaned their staitions before the 3rd stylist came out from the back. Ok no big deal, i don't mind the short wait. After brief chut chat between 2 of the stylists one asks me if I'm ready. So at this point it's the first time, im acknowledged. So she directs me to get chair and asks me what style is like, and i told her, i wanted a high and tight. Im in the army and i have drill this weekend. She looked at my hair and with a skeptical look she asked me if i was sure, if i knew what that was. Now this is the 3rd time I've been to this store and i have been asked this every time. I told her that and that ive gotten the same same cut every time before. She then informs me that my hair looks to long on top to be a high and tight. Then she says daddy's that according to marine regulations that the hair on top is no longer than a 3 guard. This is where i got irritated. Ive been in the army for 17 years and i keep my hair short bc i habe drill every month. Im bothered that she is telling me how mt hair is supposed to be cut as well as a regulation. Its just the whole attitude like im stupid and don't knife how I've gotten my hair cut for nearly 2 decades. Added insult is tgat is exactly how i was greeted the last 2 times and was told each time that they didn't have any notes in the system. I didn't like not being acknowledged. I didn't appreciate the attitude i was given about my hair cut. It seemed like i was bothering her for asking for a haircut. I decided to just go somewhere else. Now one of the other girls offered to cut my hair, but it just irritated me. Like i said the one stylist didn't Senn like she wanted to be there or cut my hair. Don't think I'll go back anytime soon.

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Armando R | July 14, 2017 Overall Experience

"Got my three sons and my hair cut today at the Five Forks, SC Sportclios. I must say there is no dif"